The Best Storyteller in the Game

When Kickstarter took the middle man out of the equation in 2013, Faro took a lifetime of scars and stories and exploited that into a makeshift series of comic books wrapped in mature mashups the likes of which will take you to the unlawful boundaries of your imagination.

While woke and diversity take up the mainstream headlines, Faro's Lounge seeks to regress you back into a tender wave of naughtiness and nostalgia, all with our ever-expanding library of graphic novels, original comics, cover collection art books and poster pinups.

Amazing content and graphics

Faro's writing is so twisted I'm not sure if he's an evil genius or just a motivational speaker hiding inside a comic book fantasy world.  Either way, I'm hooked.

I'm obsessed with Pixi

It doesn't matter where you're going, it doesn't matter where you've been, all that matters is now.  That is so my manta moving forward!


Faro's Fantasy Football Fable 2022

Fantasy Football -- there's no more efficient way to shave the layers of your sanity and sling a steady stream of expletive laced tirades directly towards the heavens!

Regardless of whether you have confirmed cosmic proof that God is waiting for you to make your final lineup before masterfully destroying the health and prospects of all of your FLEX players -- Because for some reason, God does not want you to win the Million Dollar takedown on Draftkings -- this is the basis for this guide, or a straight jacket.

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