The best comic art commissions in the business.

Faro has quite the reputation on Kickstarter, with over 20 successfully funded and delivered Kickstarter projects. Faro Kane Comics is a name you can trust for quality comic book art, and busty and beautiful comic book commissions.  

While all the big names in comics are ruining your childhood with terrible adaptations of your favorite comic books, Faro and Jose are staying true to the roots of the business, making incredible comic book art and writing the best graphic novels in the business. 

Faro makes original adaptations to your favorite childhood comic book characters. Faro makes art commissions that cross over characters you always hoped would, and flips the comic book commission business on its ass.  

As Faro would say, "The only thing better than a hot girl sucking your d*ck is her older brother eating your asshole.

The FARO Graphic Novel Series

“What would you do if God & The Devil were playing a game, and you had the winning move?”

The Faro graphic novel tells the story of a man that goes back in time to prevent the Lincoln Assassination with beautiful comic art by some of the worlds most talented artists. He gets there with only five minutes to spare, and he blows it. Gets thrown in an asylum and left to die. Sells his soul to the Devil, Goes back to the beginning of time. Falls in love, Takes over the entire world, Gets crushed by The Wrath of God and wakes up with a chance to do it all over again, Except now he has a five year head start.

The greatest time travel story ever told, done up by the best comic book artists from all over the world brought together to truly capture a roller coaster ride through time, space and existence told from the perspective of a schizophrenic Anti-Christ Professor. This is an indie comic book that you need to get your hands on.

This is the Chronicles of Faro.

Faro and Jose have been in the business of producing rare and exotic comic art and graphic novels for a combined experience of 40 years. With one of the best reputations in the graphic novel and comic book world on Kickstarter, Jose and Faro are the top runners in the indie comic scene.