Graphic Novels

Currently consisting of two graphic novels, with the next two chapters in production and circulation on our latest Kickstarter, THE CHRONICLES OF FARO is the story of Francis Kane, a Professor of History and Philosophy at the National Academy of Science in Washington DC. 

Claiming to come from a long line of time travelers, Professor Kane is fired and disgraced for stirring up his students with his theories of time travel and resurrection.

With nowhere left to turn, and desperate to prove his destiny to be true, Professor Kane is lured into a meeting with a mysterious cult called THE CIRCLE, who agree to finance his experiments for financial leverage on the future.

Harnessing magnetic power from the Sun, Professor Kane is standing at the threshold of success as he is eventually hunted down by the US Government, who nearly catch him before he is able to escape in the time machine.

He comes to on the streets of Washington DC on April 14th 1865, literally bumping into actor turned assassin John Wilkes Booth as he is walking across the street to begin his ascent up the stairs of Ford’s Theater to murder President Abraham Lincoln.

Trying to stop Booth and change history, Professor Kane is detained by local police, who believe he is a crazed fan of Booth’s before he tries to physically overtake them.

He is thrown in an asylum, where his constant attempts to explain his journey is met with contempt and sarcasm.  Professor Kane is left to die in the asylum while Lincoln still dies and history continues without him as an afterthought.

Sinking into his dark fate, Professor Kane is suddenly rescued by MAJESTY, a witch who can tear holes through the astral plane as she takes him back to the beginning of time to nurse him back to health.

After slaughtering Adam & Eve, Majesty and the Professor begin a long love affair, eventually building an empire that rivals Ancient Rome & Atlantis.

Dubbed The Witch & The Warlord, Professor Kane grows stronger and younger in appearance, taking on the new name of FARO as he and MAJESTY lord over their New Sodom & Gomorrah.

They are eventually taken out by The Wrath of God, the Biblical Storm of Asteroids and Meteors that finally destroys their immortal love affair.

When FARO wakes up he is in MAJESTY’S bed, which now lies in a brothel in New York City,

The date is February 27th 1860 and across town, the entire world is about to be introduced to rising political superstar Abraham Lincoln.

Professor Kane gets a second chance to save Lincoln.

Except now instead of five minutes,

He gets five years.