Happy Friday my friends, Buenos Aires was an absolute wonderful ride under the equator, but let's just say I was prepared for the weather, and I was doubling up on the hoodies and wearing my jeans over my pajama bottoms, 

But the girls were hot, and I just hired one of the hottest cosplay models in all of South America to be my first Hoodie Model, so stay tuned for some sexy pics, one for a back ad, one for a business, and maybe one or two for a cover, and the rest for me so fuck off :)

Her name is Sophie Valentine -- check her out here,


If you look up above, you will see the next sketch on the slate from Pencil Master Jose Varese -- Yakuza Pocahontas for next month's entry into the American Safari -- with another Superhero Strip Poker and Suicycle Art Book soon to follow, along with another chapter of Faro in production along with the script for Pixi Runner 6 -- if I ever get it finished, -- the only thing fun about writer's block, is the proposed solutions,

As for other projects -- I finally got a crate of blanks through customs and got them in the hands of Emil out in Manila,

I was so pumped I ordered two more new pieces on the production line -- FURIOSA HARLEY with VEGGIE SLAVE BRIDE IVY -- and a JOJO JESSICA -- where Lady Jess has a Bizarre Adventure,

Happy Hunting,




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