With another great Kickstarter about to come to an end, we here at the headquarters of Faro's Lounge (me and a Bulldog) are always happy and proud to be your primary source for coffee table art and bedroom inspirations.

With all of this month's pieces in their final stages, why not take a chance to show off your winner of the Anti-Valentine's 5 Cover Vote.

I put up 4 options for next month's macabre masterpiece of anti-love holiday proportions, and as always mixed with dark poetry about the wrong side of love.

The 4 options were Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Jessica Rabbit and Daphne, and I was shocked that Jessica didn't win, since Jessica pretty much always wins.

Your cover for next month, DAPHNE BABY! and it will be comboed with a SLAVE LEIA STEEL BIKINI VELMA,

Next month of course, here's this month's Kickstarter for you late bloomers.


On to new business, one of my collaborative sellers out of the Faro's Lounge Hub in the VIBE DISTRICT of Virginia, has just deployed as a member of the Navy.

With his old lady hanging behind to mind his fort, he took the chance to bang out a Faro's Lounge Cover Variant featuring his character DETH DARLA!

He has mashed up The Champion with Attitude alongside Black Adam, or did she take him out??

Prolong your fantasy right here, and check out all the variants.




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