Happy Tuesday my friends, I'm trying to get my mojo back so I can continue on with this script called life, liberty, and the pursuit of luscious boobs,

I just sent the edits back to my man Bryan on the letters, and just waiting on Hector to hand in the final colors for the Ariel Carnage Cover and then we are off to the printers God willing,

The waiting is the worst part, and now I am looking into Animation Companies to try and make Pixi Runner into an animated pilot. 

Fingers crossed on our progress, and while the Iron Man suit continues rendering, I'm going for some Surf N Turf at Eddie Vs,

So check these babies out from Emil's Sketch pile of Blank Cover Commissions,


So with these babies coming in, I have put in a new order for two new blank cover commissions, first up will be AHSOKA & BLACK WIDOW in a piece called JEDI INTERROGATION or DPlus ++ Interrogation,

The second piece will be called The Dukes of Harley -- misspelled of course to avoid the DC Skynet Choppers -- featuring a Jokerized Uncle Jesse,

Keep Streaming and Dreaming True Believers,




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