Happy Monday my friends, the Rhode Islands and Pixi 5s have begun the printing process, and I'll be chained to the cage all day processing the next wave of orders. 

I plan to have them all done and off to printing and shipping before I head off to Montreal for Comic Con this Friday, where I have used this modern form of technology to arrange for some very important comic book related conferences with specialist Victoria Belova (Fri) Maylie (Sat) and Big Angie (Sun) then fly back Mon.  Nothing but Canadian steaks, and maybe some dinner as well :)

Updates, ok so up above you see the colors on the Ariel Kraken, done up to perfection by the Vivid Sydney Cover Artist Renato Camilo of Brazil, who I look forward to connecting with once I head down to Sao Paulo for CCXP this summer.  May need to hire a translator for the journey.

The Ariel Poster is in the Add-On section for a Kickstarter Special $13, for those missed it last month, I'm feeling generous and blissful,

With the two Harley Commissions just sold I ordered two new ones for the pile, as its always fun to start builing up a new Harley Days Book -- 

I ordered up Harley Page to tribute to Bettie with a vintage Hollywood Blank Cover Commission, as well as a Harley Strangelove, with a Cloaked and Daggered up Harley to fit into those blank spaces and man places :)

Down below check out the first pencils for Slave Leia Bettie, done up to usual love by the Master Varese,




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