Happy Tuesday my friends, I have packed all of the MASSACHUSETTS BOOKS & POSTERS and they will be shipping out tomorrow en masse, so look forward to the grunts and groans of Postal Workers across the globe,

Georgia books are done, I'm just waiting on the final fonts to be added and then that baby is off to the printers,

Pixi Runner only has 6 pages left to be finished, then Emil will be working on 17 New Blank Cover Commissions

My man Savy is working on the next chapter of Faro, hopefully to be finished before we even launch that Kickstarter,

So on to new business,

I am taking my first venture into making a book about Fantasy Football, more specifically, another hot ass Faro's Lounge Book is coming out with some new content,

There is One Million Dollars on the line on 9/10, opening night of the NFL Season, and while I and all of us may not be allowed to attend until this Covid crap is gone, I am taking the maximum amount of lineups allowed on my account in order to go after that Million, and this book is my guide to that event,

In order to really sell the shit out of this idea, first up I had my man Jose work up a new sick cover with a very unique theme for the TEXANS VS CHIEFS Game,

Then I made a new commercial featuring two celebrity endorsements from both Batman & Superman,

While I had a totally different video originally intended for this commercial, when times are a changin, so does the goddamn commercial,

Then of course to complete the trifecta, I had another entry in the SUPERHERO STRIP POKER CONTEST, and yes there will be another one coming that you will be voting on, 

Then of course, finally, this month we have a very special exclusive book going with the crew over at Comic Vault,

There will only be 250 of these and I got to steal the 50 that fell off the loading car on the way to SINGAPORE,

Enjoy my friends, and let me know what u think of the newest Faro Kickstarter,




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