Bettie Page and her three clones are off to the colorist in France, so I look forward to finishing that up and seeing her in all that vintage glory.

After Bettie, the only thing left will be the finish on the LTD Vivid Sydney Cover, Renato the artist just had his first child, so I'm sure he's catching up to his tasks while changing diapers and screaming to the heavens,

So on to the new business, 

It's August and it's time for some Fantasy Football, that time of year where I question my sanity and priorities as I lock myself away in my Floridian hovel and make lineups until my eyes bleed from overexposure to my laptop screen.

Ahhh Sado Masochism, thy name is Draftkings,

So our covers will be LION-O V CORTANA and our LTD this month will be SLAVE LEIA BARBIE and this month we will have a BARBENHEIMER VARIANT,

Melted Plastic Baby,

Happy Shopping, welcome back to the Slaughterhouse,



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