It's Saturday and I can't even tell, the life of a writer comes with a curse of temporal displacement, but fuck it, what are days but an excuse to find the time to whack off.

And speaking of such selfish wonderful activities, here is the latest update of the Rubias Doradas Cover, with Pamela as Ms Marvel and Nicole as Spider-Gwen, ah yes, my Spider Senses are tingling, and I love to fantasize about anyone being Captain Marvel with the exception of that smug twat Brie Larsen, 

But alas, if you read the pages of Zeldara, you will know that I profit off my hatred of her, so again, success is always the best way to accept her existence,

So with that I ordered two more commissions from my man Emil, and after luring my eyes over this delicious but SOLD Ahsoka V Psylocke Piece, I got inspired to split the two off,

So along with the Baywatch Cosplay OG Art up for grabs, I ordered a PSYLOCKE VS SONJA Amazon themed Battle Piece and of course for the lovely Ahsoka, a WEAPON X JEDI HYBRID, complete with a DARTH SINISTER pulling the cables and tentacles,

Happy Shopping,



Ahsoka Tano Vs Psylocke

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