Thirsty Thursday is on the loose, and I have finally finished sending out the Minnesota and Zeldara 3 packages, save for the commissions and original art, more of which I am picking up from Master Varese next week, so I will always have him sign some more stuff we can close out, 

Check out the Almost Finished Colors on the Brunettes Boudoir Book, featuring a Full Color Cover Collection of all of our Raven Haired Vixxens,

And after sending out all the Beskard Combos, I habve FIFTEEN of these Babies Left, 

Get your hands on some real Beskard Steel, the only currency accepted in the Multiverse,

Both Items are available in the ADD-ON section, in case you haven't grabbed them already,

As always the treasures never end at Faro's Lounge,



Mandalorian vs The Alien Hive

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