The next wave of Cards and Dirty Disney Packages have gone out, so I'm just waiting on the Metals and LTDs to arrive this coming week and the rest of the package will be cleared from the slate,

Then we will move on to the printing and digital packages for Pixi Runner 3

Pixi Runner 4 and Zeldara 5 are both in production, and depending how good this cannabis wax is, I'll be starting up the next chapter in the Faro Series next,

So while I was playing around I decided to have some fun with my graphic designer and came up with this AUDIBLE to the Indiana Jones Laptop Sticker,

A very special No-Prize, aw fuck it, I will toss in a free book to whoever guesses which Marvel Series of Cards I am referencing,

This Card is included in the every $50 and up package on this Kickstarter, and for those who still want it as a sticker, I will have both options available,

Just know this card will have the Suede Matte Finish on both sides, and depending on how it is received I think I will do DARTH DOOM next,

Happy Shopping True Believers,




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