To be honest, working for yourself its hard to give Friday the same impact it once had when you're used to answering to someone you can't stand let alone respect, all the while you are contemplating how this jackass got their job while you're philosophizing spectacular scenes and totally forgetting that you're getting baked in your supply closet while the students are watching a movie,

Oops, did I just reveal my teaching method,

Now that your blood is officially going let's show off the latest Rare & Exotic Art Acquisition that will be joining the superior swelled storage of superheroes and sultry seductresses.

As always this is the featured poster on our current Kickstarter, now heading towards 300%, in case you haven't made the pledge plunge yet,

Up next will be the RIDDLE VIRTUAL ROADSTER featuring a topless ZATANNA & BATGIRL, I've seen it and it's the best of the trio, but I guess I'm required to say that, I mean what schmuck would say,

Hey guys, this next poster blows, but hey, the artist did a good job so let's buy him a house,

Maybe its a millennial thing, I'd rather puff the pen then yammer the youth,

Now of course it's on to new business, most importantlly THE NFL PLAYOFFS

Tomorrow I am doing a test run on my Live Streaming during games with my lineups live and my temper flared as I attempt to take down the impossible tournament odds and proceed to blow the money on absolutely nothing beneficial or educational,

Saturday EST I will be going live about 4pm to show off the lineups and then the game kicks off at 430 pm 

If your sick of boring in game commentary or you're just a fantasy junkie like me, then join me in this experiment radio show as I try to continue my search for the fountain of middle age,

Love you fuckers, slam one shot back for me, its Friday, fuck your boss, check out some throwback sneakers and neon wall clocks and prepare your place like a fleet of stewardesses are coming over, 

Excelsior Suites Baby,



Talia al Ghoul and Catwoman Selina Kyle on a BANE CHOPPER

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