Greetings my friends, I am packing for my first ever journey to Australia, but there's always time to exploit some arts n crafts,

Update -- By this time, I believe everyone should have their Valentines 5 and Sui Cycle 2 packages, and I believe the Missouris should be shipping all this week, as the first wave has gone out,

I am using Artist Express out of Arizona for the shipping, but in order to gain some leverage and test out their timing and efficiency, I am going to use Greko for the Shipping Fulfillment on the Rhode Islands, 

As always your feedback on who does the better packaging and such is greatly needed moving forward, as I am literally training my business to be able to be run from a fuckin cruise ship,

Ahh everyone has a dream,

As a Kickstarter ends and we wait on the finished covers, take a gander at last month's LTD -- The Cobra Chrome Cover featuring the BARONESS, 

I believe there are 29 left of the All Naturals and 21 left of the Steel Bikinis, all in the add on section,

Happy Shopping,



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