Yesterday was opening day of Major League Baseball, 

I was sitting at the lounge all excited to broadcast my first live streaming fantasy baseball podcast,

Had my lineups in and all ready to rock n roll,

And the internet and cable went out,

The internet and fucking cable went out,

By the time Comcast got it back up and running, the Sox and Mariners were into the second inning, and I was front row puffing my pen while watching the new Matthew McConnafuck movie Beach Bum, which had some interesting moments but otherwise bleh

I feel like shit now, I'm not going to pretend to give you a motivational speech about not giving up and getting back on the horse,

Fact of the matter is, I'm pissed off, and I feel like the universe was telling me to just quit the radio shit,

Sometimes we must listen and look for something else,

I love being writer, and maybe that's all I need to be,

So until I find the right hooker with the right cannabis oil, I am down for the count tonight, 

But thankfully, even from his vacation perch, Jose Varese has sent an update of the Maryland Cover and color flats from the latest addition to Superhero Strip Poker,

Enjoy my friends, and I hope your weekend is one for the ages, share that wealth when you get it, I could use a spark of magic,



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