Happy Thursday my friends, I just shipped all the Domestic Anti-Valentine's Packages today,

The Internationals go out tomorrow, and then late tomorrow night I'll be dropping off a package of 100 Anti-Valentine's Comics for Jose to sign in the confines of his home, while i wait in the backseat of my car watching the Iron Man Match from Wrestlemania 12 -- no better way to kill an hour in an apocalyptic world,

How I miss jacuzzis and hookers,

So by Monday morning, All Anti-Valentine's will be shipped, and Jose will go back to finishing the colors on the UTAH Covers before working on the cover for the newest entry into the Faro Universe -- PIXI RUNNER,

So, up above you see Poison Ivy making her Dagobah Debut, look forward to having that lovely art in my hands,

And below is the latest update for the Sue Storm Slave Leia Centerfold, which will also have a MALICE VARIANT,

As for Namor's leg, we were just playing around with the scale, but Varese and I were playing around with the design of the Slave Bikini, thinking about giving it some Atlantean metallic finish,

Stay tuned True Believers, and let us know what you think,




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