Happy Hump Day, I am putting in the printing this weekend so I can get the Anti-Valentines and Football Books in at the same time, so please please ANSWER UR SURVEYS, otherwise I'm donating your books and art to leftist causes,

So while we wait, my man Thiago was working on another F*&K SNOW WHITE Cover for this month's upcoming Kickstarter, and he handed in two pieces just in time for the season finale of AHSOKA,

With the current Poisonous Apple infecting Disney's Halls, as always I've mixed intuition with greed and we have a new FARO #1 Variant -- with this SET titled AHSOKA DOWN!

Serially Numbered to 77 -- this is a set with DRESSED & MATURE Versions and the interior is a remixed 24 page Faro Origin Adventure in gorgeous Black & White, hell I may even go for the full 32,

Happy Hunting my friends,




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