Happy Friday my friends, the Sun is shining, there's art on the way to my palace of exile, and my bowels are clear and ready to be refilled with shit,

So why beat around the bush when you came to see some fuckin Harley Quinn Art,

Real quick, my man Sir Bryant of House Whitaker was nice enough to point out that I had the wrong description for the GO GO MARY JANE COMMISSION,

When describing it to him, it took me back to San Diego Comic Con 2013, which unfortunately was not the sexual ride that Comic Con 2008 was considering I was traveling with my old business partner, who was a fuckin succubus of all fun and enthusiasm :)

Anyway, while handing out Faro Tarot Cards illegally and being constantly chased by San Diego Security, I spotted this really cool piece of art from Bennett Black, which was a Go Go Club right out of 1969 with girls dancing in cages and Jimi Hendrix rocking on the center stage, 

Right at the end of the shot was a Spider-Man signal, blown up huge like the DJ was shooting it across the top of the club like a hologram,

It immediately took me back to reading Amazing Spiderman in my bedroom, anxiously trying to find a crew like Peter Parker's and constantly trying to figure out a way to pull off a threeway with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, all while constantly screaming to myself at the pages,

"Jesus Christ Peter, just tell her you're fucking Spiderman,"

I got all that from a piece of art, it looked like glorified crayola crayons on a large piece of construction paper, but to me it was Salvador Dali's Clocks,

Even with my current financial situation, I said fuck it and bought it, my official art purchase as a real full time comic book writer,

To this day, it is the only piece of art I refuse to sell, and it will be buried alongside me, along with my leather jacket and bulldog's ashes,

That's why I am in the business of Rare & Exotic Art Acquisitions, and that's why I fuckin love it,

Enjoy these pieces of Harley art, remember my love of Go Go Mary Jane, and most importantly enjoy your weekend, and get the new Faro Sketchbook,





Harley Quinn enters Castlevania

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