Monday morning, and yes before you grouse, my lineups did shit, so I'm still mired in this mediocre middle class lifestyle, fuckin Football Gods literally wait for me to post my lineups, then like a river coursing around it, everything falls apart,

Somehow I still manage to keep playing, I guess a metaphor for life, oh fuck that, I have vices, and they have mistresses,

So while I wallow, here we have the Halloween Holofoils are 75% gone, and the newest F*&K Snow White Covers are 50% gone, so we have two versions from the colorist,

We have the cover of course as is, and it will be HOLOCHROME, which you know I love, so the colorist added some green Alien Mist, saying that it will come out cool in the Chrome, but in case I didn't like the mist, I have the original Grimm Colors,

So those of you making the purchase, give me your ears and insight, as always most marketers use this as a ploy to invoke conversation and pop up some sales, but when have you ever known me to use that callous fake shit that all my competitors use on the socials,

Until now of course, BWAHAHAHHAAHA, ok back to work,



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