I went to see Rascal Flats last night, I killed a case of Bud Light Orange and Two Blunts and spent the next 7 hours watching a Pixi that I've been in love with for ages twirling around like drunken art,

I danced off about 1,000 frosties and stood in awe of just how incredible life can be, and even if what I truly think I need to claim this as a victory never manifests itself in the way I want, just being in the game is what makes life worth living,

It's easy to make that statement when you're losing, but I spent the entire night with her, letting her bounce into me, hugging her when the emotions took over, longing for more, longing for the moment when she will lose her shit and attack me like her rival,

Her rival was waiting for me back at the lounge,

And it's selfish to say that I love them both,

But I exist in a world where I write the happy ending,

But I would be cheating all of us if I didn't make the story worth it,

Like this story,

Red Raven is the cover model of this month's issue of FARO,

And there are always tributes to the women in the comics that emulate the women in my life,

Like the Rival, the dark angel to the object of my desire,

They are younger, they are wilder, they are everything you ask for when you scream at the sky for your fantasies to come true,

Red Raven is based on the current love in my life,

And I will make her cover her naked body in war paint and steam on the next cover if that's what you want,

Because this is what we do,

And if the original art for the FARO SUMMER 1867 RED RAVEN COVER sells, that is exactly what we will do,

So let's keep this fuckin journey going,

I have another 13% to claim,

Will you ride with me, 

Will you bring others along,

I'm here to give you the greatest story of them all,

While I continue to construct it in progress,

Let's find out together,

Let me know what you think of the new cover,

Only 10 days left and 13% to go,




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