Happy Sunday my friends, I am off to check out the Van Gogh exhibit in Miami, and if you ever get a chance to get out to Amsterdam, not only is there great weed, whores and crepes, but there is the Van Gogh Museum, where you literally get to watch his transformation from an innocent scholar hanging in the countryside painting peasants and fruit, until his older brother lures him out to Paris, 

And then all Hell breaks loose on his soul and skills,

A legend among artist who live their craft, I am forever a fan, here is the finished polish for the Blondes Collection -- Rubias Doradas,

Emil has finished his batch of blanks and will be starting Pixi Runner 3 -- I'll have those pics up soon,

And a package came back to me a few weeks ago, and the backer has not gotten back to me after a good amount of time,

This rare Evil Ariel variant is the last of its available kind, and signed by Cover Artist Jose Varese,

I just added it to the Add On section, Happy Hunting,




Carnage Ariel with Goofy and Donald Trench Slaves

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