Happy Holidays to you and yours, and I never exclude any imaginary friends and or voice in your head,

Just got this sketch off the digital press from Mister Jake T, who I am coming very close to getting to start making traditional art to sell some Originals of future pieces.  Ah, always a purist at heart,

So for those of you who still want your Joker Poker Grinch piece, why not gander over to the new Faro Kickstarter and drop some dirty green spooge,


Zeldara 6 and Dirty Disney should be arriving next week I hope, so do not worry as to whether I'll be taking the holidays off.  I don't do Holidays,

And with that fine segue, after a conference with my man Joey Moz down in the Kingdom of the Painted Desert (Arizona) -- he convinced me to put together a little Holiday Special, due to how well the Halloween Scoobie Books keep selling after all these years,

Coming upon 10 long years since my first Kickstarter back in jolly old 2013 (ah the pre-woke days) -- I am taking pieces of the Faro's Lounge Universe back from ten years ago till now and spreading them across 6 books,

And I'm wrapping that shit up on Holiday Holofoil!

44 pages of pieces of stories and essays and art from ten years of Faro's Lounge -- The 6 Jessica Rabbit Squatting Spider Variants will come in SILVER, EMERALD, SILVERMANE, GOLD, BLUE and finally XXX-MASS.

Each book will have different guts and even signed by me if you should want such a thing, and each one is numbered to 101, making 616 books!!!!

And no my math isn't off, because I'm giving away TEN SILVER TICKETS -- why, because fuck GOLDEN TICKETS, I'm a silver fox Bitch!!

So anyone that pulls one of the ten silver tickets from one of the 6 Jessica Rabbit Variants will receive a very special ULTRA LTD 10 LIMITED EDITION GLOW IN THE DARK METAL COVER XXX-MASS VARIANT

Here is the first book, all six are available from your friends at Faro's Lounge --

Prices start at $50, and in the spirit of capitalism, for every 10 books that sell of each variant, the price goes up $10,


Faro's Holiday Holofoil -- LTD 101 XXX-MASS -- Jessica Rabbit is Squat – Faro's Lounge (farokane.com)



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