Happy Tuesday my friends, I hope you all enjoyed your Columbus Day and I hope you all enjoyed some Chicken Franchese stuffed with Mushrooms and mixed your pasta sauce with the Franchese sauce to make that perfect blend of citrus sauce and,

OK OK, sorry I love fuckin food,

Let's get to some updates,

Dirty Disney is being printed as we speak, Zeldara's covers are done but the interiors are still waiting to be colored and lettered once Faro Summer 1867 is completed,

Faro's American Safari New York Cover has been handed off to Sanju for colors, as he will also be coloring both the Freddy and Jason covers as well as the Newest Faro Hoodie -- Carnage Vs The Mandalorian -- I'll have that pic up tomorrow,

Faro -- Summer 1867 is 6 pages away from completing the line away, which will be followed by the colors and letters, 

The pages that have been coming in have been dragging me into some major tear jerking, which continues to push the nature of how important art is to the world,

Beyond entertainment, art is supposed to provide both an escape from reality, and if all goes well, a boost to your imagination, and just like that, another adventure begins,

That being said, enjoy the newest cover updates, and after selling a stack of commissions last night, we have a bunch of new pieces up for sale featuring those Chick Avengers vs my personal stable of favorites,

Also I have put up the uncensored shots of the covers on the new Kickstarter page, click click splash true believers,




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