Happy Sunday my friends, I'm back from Seattle, and I canceled my grunge tribute tour because it just got me too depressed.
It's one thing to check out the spot where Chet Baker took a huge huff of Mary Jane and fell backwards out of a window in Amsterdam, I mean, that's how we all want to go,

But the whole suicide trail, driving hours jacked up on Pacifici Northwest Cannabis Oil just to sit outside while a bunch of unemployed douches try to bum a puff on my pen, just lost all of its appeal since I wanted to keep a mental hold on my euphoric mindset.

So instead, I rented a truck and drove a marathon run all the way throught the California Redwoods,

After driving a full 20 hours and watching the trees envelope the night, leaving me driving lonely darkness at a fearful down mountain pace that one point made me feel like I was truly ripping along the outer edge of Hell, I crashed down in LA and booked a late night threeway that definitely should've waited till morning, but I had a flight to catch back to Florida,

So the bad news I got upon returning is that my newest artist -- JAKE T -- who did the CLEA POSTERS up above, is currently off the production line due to a wrist injury,

The good news is, he delivered one last morsel to me right before the end of the Happy Harley Days 2 Campaign -- and with ALL of the EMERALD CITY COMIC CON Books SOLD OUT!!! -- I needed one more LTD before the end of the campaign on the stroke of Midnight on Labor Day,

So to help him with some funding while he's off the field, we came up with this Slumber Party Set Idea that will have a MATURE FULL NUDE Version -- and of course the PAJAMA Variant, which I should have up on tomorrow night's update.

The MATURE Version will be the LTD 100 Variant for HAPPY HARLEY DAYS 2 -- 

The PAJAMA Version will the LTD 100 for HAPPY HARLEY DAYS 1 --

I have the first half of the stash available in the ADD ON Section -- $55 for the Mature and $45 for the Pajamas, 


For those of you who want the set, which at this point I am happy to report are going for $60-100 on eBay and Beyond in their various incarnations are available for a discount on the Faro's Lounge Website,

Any purchases of the set from my store comes with a FREE MYSTERY BOOK Added to your Package,


Happy Shopping my friends,



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