Harley Schoolgirl Double Sketch -- Action Comics 16

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Harley Schoolgirl Double Sketch -- Action Comics 16

Happy Friday my friends, the current Kickstarter is heading towards 300% and I'm celebrating with an overpriced milkshake

To any and all who are doing lineups for tomorrow's UFC PPV, I'd love any sleeper picks, because if I win the jackpot I intend to grab all the top floor suites and seduce every waitress wearing a fuckin kilt at the establishment where I plan to watch the fights and lose my temper when you fuckers don't chime in with some good Draftkings picks,

But why be angry when its Friday, here are two new Harley Sketches to get your blood pumped and ready for the weekend, as always these babies and more like them are built on the brand new Faro Kickstarter,


As for Action Comics 16 -- let's just say instead of capitalizing on last issue's surprisingly good plot, we go back to whoever Superman is slapping around this week.  This time he's taking on the gambling commissions because a bunch of citizens around Metropolis can't handle their trigger fingers,

They should do Draftkings like me, this way they only lose their voice from constant temper tantrums and curses at God,

Well enjoy the Harley Double Double and enjoy your weekend, may seduction lead you to sin, and may sin lead you to salvation, and may salvation be a redhead with giant tits with a blonde roommate who sells cannabis,




Harley Quinn as a naughty schoolgirl

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