Happy Friday my friends, I missed the Million Dollar Payoff by 1.36 points last night, so I am still mediocre and middle class, 

My man Jose has been bogged down with family issues this past month, however he still managed to pop up some inks on the Harley Terminator -- Zeldara 1984 LTD Variant,

We removed the Hydraulic Press, because I wanted to add a long leg to be the one crushing the soon to be Jokerized Cyborg,

Jose suggested Wonder Woman's Long Red Booted Leg, and another suggestion was Ivy's long vegetated stems,

But I was thinking of the long Fishnetted leg of ZATANNAAAAAAA!!!

And for those of you interested in Blank Cover Commissions, I just ordered a DISNEY GEISHAS piece from my man Emil, featuring CINDERELLA & SNOW WHITE going undercover in the Yakuza Underworld,

Let me know your thoughts and check out the Kickstarter for ZELDARA 1984 -- the climatic chapter of the Castro Cup,




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