It seems every time I try to make a commitment to quitting all my bad vices, the friggin news has to put out yet another piece about what an awful bastard Hunter Biden is, and just like that a new bar of depravity is set and I have to break it..........on principle, and the fact that being straight and sober is kind of odd..........when you're a writer, scholar and overall scoundrel,

How does that old limerick go, Dolly Parton is the best, we go skiing down her chest,

Ahh, I am secure enough in my strange anxieties to admit that seeing old Dolly in that Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit made me get slightly stiff, for all the right and wrong reasons,

Her husband must be a large investor in J&J Baby Oil, every bitter divorced man's best pal, well besides our bulldogs of course, wait, that didn't come out right, I don't do that with my dog, however I can't speak for her when she finds a good hind leg :)

Well swallow that wallow and take a gander at the colors for the American Safari TEXAS Edition,

And if you dip down below, I have taken some of the boxes out of the Nintendo Sleepover Pinup, I had to box the crap out of it in order to get approved on Kickstarter, but of now that we're live :)----------------

Happy Viewing True Believers, this piece makes me want to go and get a PS5,



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