Comic books are more than just a casual hobby for many collectors. They are a passion and often represent a significant investment. Framing comic books can help to preserve them while attractively displaying them. Let us discuss how to frame comic books, including choosing a frame design, customizing the frame, and making the finishing touches. Additionally, we will explore the benefits of framing and other ways to preserve comic books.

1. Choose Frame Design

Choosing the right frame design is an essential step in framing comic books. The size of the comic book should be considered when selecting a frame. The most common sizes for comic books are six ¾ x 10 ¼ inches and 7 x 10 ½ inches. Choosing a slightly larger frame than the comic book is essential to allow for matting and prevent the edges from touching the glass.

The type of frame should also be considered. A frame with UV-protective glass is recommended to prevent fading and yellowing over time. Additionally, the structure should be acid-free to avoid damage to the comic book. It is best to ask for expert suggestions to ensure the best results possible.

2. Customize the Frame

Once the frame has been selected, it can be customized to fit the collector’s preferences. The matting should be chosen to complement the comic book and the frame. It is recommended to use acid-free matting to prevent damage to the comic book.

The color of the matting can be chosen to match the cover of the comic book or to complement the artwork inside. Black and white matting are popular options for framing comic books. The matting should be cut slightly larger than the comic book to prevent it from touching the glass.

3. Make Finishing Touches

The final step in framing comic books is making the finishing touches. The backing can be added once the comic book has been placed in the frame with the matting. It is recommended to use acid-free backing to prevent damage to the comic book.

The hangers or wire should be added to the back of the frame to allow for easy hanging. It is essential to ensure the hangers or wires are securely attached to the frame to prevent the comic book from falling.

Benefits of Framing Comic Books

Framing comic books has several benefits. First, it can help to preserve the comic book by protecting it from dust, moisture, and other damaging elements. Second, framing can help increase the comic book's value, especially if it is a rare or valuable issue. Finally, framing comic books allows collectors to display their collections attractively.

Other Ways to Preserve Comic Books

In addition to framing, there are other ways to preserve comic books. It is essential to handle comic books with care to prevent damage. Comic books should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Acid-free bags and boards can also protect comic books from damage. Comic books should be stored upright to prevent bending or warping. Storing comic books in a box with dividers can help to keep them organized and prevent them from rubbing against each other.


Framing comic books is a great way to preserve them while attractively displaying them. By choosing the right frame design, customizing the frame, and making the finishing touches, collectors can create a beautiful display for their collections. Other ways to preserve comic books include handling them with care, storing them properly, and using acid-free bags and boards. Comic books can be enjoyed for years with the proper care and preservation.

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