Howdy my friends, and I hope you had a happy 4th and blew up a small portion of your neighborhood, 

With the hot dogs all grilled, and the beach police fuming at tons of litter across my Florida beaches, we were treated to an unbelievable episode of House of the Dragon, where I don't care who you are, if you didnt choke up or even shed a few tears at the death of ??????? (no spoilers here) then you have no soul,

So while I await for you all to finish your surveys so I can send off the ILLINOIS & VIRGINIA books to the printers, I have bumped this month's book to next month because I was inspired by the fact that HBO managed to win me back after that atrocious Season 8, 

I stuck to my guns by vowing I would never return to Star Wars after Kenobi and still won't buy or support Disney or Star Wars until Kathleen Kennedy is fired or comes down with such a major bowel obstruction that she's forced to retire, I was shocked at how good House of the Dragon is because it doesn't involve those two pricks that rushed the ending because ironically enough, they wanted to ditch Thrones for Star Wars, 

So this month, I present to you FARO's FIRE & BLOOD, a full color collection of Thrones & Dragons inspired art, 24 pages worth with three new covers and two new posters,

First up on the Cover Brigade, is HOUSE ADDAMS -- starring Lady Morticia & her Apprentice WEDNESDAY, 

Ahh I love my job, 

Happy Hunting, and Gods be Good,



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