Twas a night of decent bowling, which means I didn't lose my temper, hell my team almost won 2 of 3 instead of 1 of 3, if it wasn't for the goddamn weak link on the team,

Who's the weak link you say, that isn't fuckin important you nosy gits, on to the updates,

The Jessica Rabbit // Poison Ivy Mature Mashup has a complete success, we're even flirting with 300% because of your continued attention and generosity,

Even better is that we have a man like the Master Jose Varese at the art table, who has such respect for the often over saturated variant cover business that he wanted to put his own stamp on the SEXY Variant of the Anti Valentine's Cover, where as a lot of your options usually just slap a strand of fabric over the nips and slap the price tag on it,

I've also decided to add some color to the mature version, as an added bonus to those who grabbed the duo, after all it is a Love Gone Wrong Themed Sketchbook, the art and stories should have some dashed of blood, gold and cannabis shades of emerald green :)

As you can plainly see my man takes pride in every piece, now I just have to own up to the pressure of delivering some dark ass themed stories,

The direction of this particular sketchbook varies every day, I've already finished one funny but depressing love poem and plan to add at least 3 more, there will also be a fun story about how dark a path love can take you, and if all goes, this book will have a semi happy ending, and if not, I will head down to the massage parlor in Lantana and ask for the master magician Stoney Silk Hands,

Until then my friends, check out this update, for those of you who opted for the Covered  Cover, or those who grabbed both, look forward to your feedback especially if you spread the Kickstarter link like a virus in middle school,


Sexy Variant of Jessica Rabbit as Poison Ivy for Anti Valentine's Day


Speaking of Randy Redheads, my man Varese recently did a RED SONJA Variant for one of the Faro Bannerman of House Nestor in the Southern Kingdoms of the Carolina Territories,

For those of you clamoring for some Red Sonja, and according to my last Kickstarter survey, it is hundreds of you, check out the link here on ebay and get your Barbarian fix in now,!29526!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0


Red Sonja -- Jose Varese Variant


Red Sonja has always been a favorite, remind me to tell you in a future sketchbook about the time I got a 6 foot 5 dominatrix to dress up like a barbarian for me for the ultimate San Diego Comic Con Sexual Fantasy,

To this day I can never go back to that show, simply because I will never top the weekend of 08,

Guess I'll see you bitches at C2E2, there's a tattooed stripper there I've been dying to go Shameless on,

To be continued gents, but for now ACTION COMICS 14,

The Lex Luther Lite clone is back, and he's taking Superman on a cat and mouse chase through the subways of Metropolis and into his generic hideout, which ends being a trap that lures Superman in while chasing down some shakedown thugs and ends up falling into a box, where he is electrocuted and frozen in a crystal box,

You go Luther Clone, aka The Ultra Humanite, ugh horrible name, I can just picture Siegel & Shuster coming up with a good idea while the then DC Executives were smoking Lucky Cigarettes and slapping their secretaries in the ass, 

Ahh the good old days,

Spoiler Alert, Superman breaks out of the crystal prison and Humanite gets away via Willy Wonka floating chair in the elevator trick,

So now our Super James Bond has his first Blofeld, and I have changed my KING OF KRYPTON COMMISSION to have SUPERMAN -- GAME OF THRONES STYLE matched up now with RED SONJA, who will be the RED BARBARIAN QUEEN on a DIAMOND THRONE while our Medieval KAL-EL will sport Superman Warpaint on his chest and his cape will be a cloak,

Of course if you want to read the whole description  of the fan fiction art masterpiece, here's the Kickstarter link one more time,

Happy Hunting my friends, until we chat again



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