Happy Hump Day you humps, I have a ring light to put together, so if you hear a grown man cursing, sorry, I have a bit of a temper problem.  I used to actually believe I could do something about it, like you know, be a grown up, but that fuckin ship sailed with the Biden Administration,

Ah, we don't do politics here, unless of course we're talking about the greens and the blacks.  However, if you can put your political beliefs aside, those conventions are great places for picking up on some crazed Maga chicks.........I'm a double agent when it comes to my addictions :)-----------

So here we go my friends, Poster Print #2 for this month's Kickstarter -- Jill Valentine & Juliet Starling on a Zombie Chopper, 

The Dead are coming, and they're riding choppers baby -- Seven Hells, I hope they reboot Seasons 7 & 8 one day -- BRING BACK SIR BARRISTON BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, back to work, and as for you all, Happy Hunting -- The OG Art for Omega, Poker and Addams are taken, but this baby is up for grabs,




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