Happy Saturday my friends, Emil has finished his round of blanks from the Anti-Valentine's Kickstarter, and now he is hard at work at the next 6 pages in the new Faro's Lounge Original Comic -- PIXI RUNNER

Hope my comics and stories are keeping you entertained during these forced vacations, and for those of you still working to deliver all that amazing food around the country, let me know where you're working and I'll throw in a free poster in your packages as a thank you for your service in these harrowing uncertain days,

The one thing you can be certain of is this, I will keep writing and Jose Varese will keep drawing,

I am working on the scripts for FARO FALL 1867 and ZELDARA 2 -- and we have a funny 4 page comic strip called LOUIE FAJITZ that will be debuting in the latest issue of Faro's American Safari 

Grab your copy here, the Master Varese has finished the inks on Cover 1 -- as always the unboxed version is at the link below,




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