Happy Sunday my friends -- I understand it's tax time, and I'm sure insert stupid IRS joker here -- but as someone who loathes the Stripe Patrol, I find it aggravating when it impacts my original art sales,

As always, no Kickstarter is complete without some sending back a masterpiece, left like an orphan at the spot of a foul,

Well I lost two today, the Rogue Dragon OG Art Backer as well as the Rogue Harley Joker Gambit piece,

So I guess the Lobster Tails I just bought with those profits are null and void and now I'll have to either blow the restaurant owner or kill him and skip out on the bill, I'll leave you posted after I'm done having my temper tantrum.

So let's up the ante a bit shall me, whoever claims either one of these babies will receive a Complimentary SIGNED Copy of the Zeldara 7 Yakuza Jessica Rabbit LTD 300 Holochrome Book added to your package,

Happy Hunting my friends, the third wave of Sui-Cycles and Anti-Valentine's Book have gone out, and round one of Zeldara 7 is out the door,





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