Greetings my friends, and here's a some visual treats for those who have finished enjoying some Premier League Soccer,

I would've enjoyed it more if I didn't finish 10 goddamn points below the field, the difference between 50K and 50 bucks,

But alas, we shall play another day, like tmw, so while we wait enjoy this shit,

First up SLAVE LEIA MAGIK -- with an extra large saber and a trophy to boot -- and it just so happens to be this month's featured poster,

Down below we have the finished colors for the cover of the latest story to come out of Faro's Lounge,

Here is the cover for PIXI RUNNER #1, so if you missed last month's campaign and want a copy for yourself, add $25 to your current pledge and hold your wishes till the Pixi Diamond breaks in front of you,



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