Happy Tuesday fuckers, so happy to report that JERSEY & ARKANSAS have hit the trucks and are on their way to Faro's Lounge,

I look forward to using hours upon hours of back breaking packaging and shipping to go grab some breakfast with this Filipino Stripper Goddess I spotted in Fort Laudy this weekend,

It's nice to get out again :)

So while I wait for it to rain sketchbooks I'm still waiting for Jose Varese to get over his flu so he can make his next appearance in the lounge,

So while you wait check out the latest attempt I am making to exploit his wonderful art,

I had his FANTASTIC FOUR vs JABBA the HUTT Piece colored and immortalized in the ultimate Floridian Body Hugger, the Beach Towel, or Bathroom Towel, or cover up a dead hooker Towel, whatever you use it for,

Grab it here, I just got mine and I'm ordering 3 more different kinds, I even did Pet Beds, 


Whether you're in the market for a new towel or not, just admire how awesome the art is when it's stretched out,

And of course enjoy this latest Red Head Concoction, MARY JANE WATSON & DAPHNE BLAKE on the ultimate crimson laced sleuth slumber party,

Get your own piece of visual adventure on the new Faro Kickstarter,




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