MICKEY MOUSE CHAIN-MAIL -- Red Sonja - Jessica Rabbit - OMFnG

MICKEY MOUSE CHAIN-MAIL -- Red Sonja - Jessica Rabbit - OMFnG

Happy Cinco de Mayo my friends, my man Varese calls me last night, anxiously anticipating me telling him to keep that sexy busty SONJA RABBIT piece nude,

And I sincerely laughed for a bit, as I pictured him enjoying the rest of his weekend playing with his children,

Til I hit the poor hard working bastard with four fateful words


Let me know what you think, our Kickstarter is up to 40%, so 60% of you fuckers better appreciate the fact that this poor man stayed up late last night drawing Mickey Patterns over a set of tits the size of the ones I hope to be playing with at the end of this night, as I am currently chasing a Pixi & Dark Angel, and I need the cheddar,





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