Happy Tuesday my friends, I just finished the script for Pixi Runner #3 and I look forward to getting Emil started on it once he finishes his commissions,

I just started the script for Zeldara 4 and I'm already laughing, nothing better then crapping on those who are crapping on our favorite characters, and making a profit off it,

Ahh it's like Dali drawing the hand drawing the hand,

Anyway, check out the updates, first up is the colors for the Mickey Vs Mighty Poster, which is now in the ADD-ON section on the Kickstarter, in case you missed it

And of course, the Cassiapea Update, one of the femme fatales of the Pixi Runner Series and the cover model for Pixi Runner #2, which is also in the Add-On, 

Enjoy and Happy Shopping,




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