Happy Labor Day bitches, I am laboring away at finishing up this Kickstarter and getting the next bad boy started, #writerslife

I have added more Barbenheimer Books to the LTD rewards, sorry I didn't catch it sooner that all the limit numbers were reached on certain rewards -- problem fixed -- still a few Barbenheimers left in the till.

So, as always at the end of every Kickstarter, we always lose at least one Original Art backer, and I have to look into the stash in order to find a little bonus diddy to add to the returned puppy,

This time it is the Black Adam Chopper, featuring a topless joyride with Vixen and Hawkgirl --

And since we are about to embark upon football season, I am adding my last copy of the SUPER BOWL Variant Cover of last years Kickstarter,

Numbered to 57 for Super Bowl 57 and from my man JAKE T out of the Left Coast, Jake is finally back on the team after some nerve damage and he will be next month's featured cover artist,

The OG Art is in the ADD-On Section of the Kickstarter -- Happy Trails True Believers,




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