Happy Holiday weekend my friends, foes and fuckers,

All Pixi Runner 2 packages have shipped, and here is the inks update for the Gaming Goddesses Cover, featuring our Mortal Kombat Disney Mashup,

Unlike those misdirected schmucks at Warner Brothers, Disney hasn't shut us down yet, so the only place to still get your Gaming Goddesses packages is from the transferred Kickstarter campaign to my Shopify Store,


And onto some new business, while we wait for Master Varese to deliver my Cocaine Cowboys Zeldara 3 Cover, check out the latest sketch from Pixi Runner artist Emil Cabaltierra, 

After seeing this lovely Psylocke & Jubliee X-Geishas sketch, I went and ordered two more X-Geishas Commissions, so I have put up two more Tag Teams of Madipoor Mutants, first X-Geishas team will be EMMA FROST & JEAN GREY and the second will be DAZZLER & ROGUE

Happy Hunting




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