Happy Monday, I spent all day yesterday setting up the new Ebay listings on my Shopify, only to have those friggin online cunts restrict my account again because they put it in the wrong category before i can switch it over,

Ugh fuck Ebay,

But I won again at Draftkings Fantasy Baseball and even got yelled at by my accountant for posting my winning lineup pics on my Facebook and IG pages,

Ugh fuck Accountants who follow my pages,

But then Jose Varese sent me his update from the American Safari NEVADA EDITION Mainstream Mutant Mad Max Mature Mashup starring Cable & Domino with OCP // Skynet Twist, and maybe some Old Painless,

And for those who missed last month's Kickstarter gem, here is the New ANTI-VALENTINE's Volume 3, with a special Pulp Rabbit Cover from your man Faro's Failures at Love,

Both Books are in the Kickstarter ADD ON section,

Happy Shopping,




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