Greetings all, and Happy Sunday to whatever corner of the universe you celebrate from,

As I comb through brunch menus and try to master that whole making a million paradox, I am inclined to reflect upon certain things that go on in the life and fears of a professional writer -- How the fuck do I hold on to all of this????

I want to be honest in saying I don't like the whole non-stop #1s scheme and scam to press more covers into bins, I still go back to when I waited for every new issue of Amazing Spider-Man to arrive, even when I knew and felt they were using some shitty filler story because they were about to miss a deadline, or Ditko quit, or whatever drama would explode out of the bullpen,

I remember Steve Niven or whatever the dude that did the Death of Wolverine Covers racing up the stairs to his hotel room at around 2am during a pool party at a South Beach Hotel,

And this was Marvel's TOP ARTIST, running upstairs and dropping his drink in his cloud of body dust like a fuckin Road Runner Cartoon, in order to make what? couple hundred bucks, maybe 5 Bills to a Stack?  Ok, maybe, but all I kept thinking was, This is Marvel's Top Artist, why does he even need the fuckin money?

Sometimes the greed in this business baffles me, but I was once rich, and I was also once very poor and crashing in the guest room of mom and dad's retirement home.

I blow my profits on whores, cannabis and Thai Food, but I am neither rich nor poor,

But I've been around the world, and I've been in the jungles of Africa lost and stranded, and facing down with a tribe where my bag of gold didn't mean shit, but my bag of comic books was a ticket back to Johannesburg,

I've tried quitting this business and doing something else, always being sucked back in by the one thing that has to always matter more than money,

That Rush,

The Rush you got when you found out your crush secretly liked you too, or the first time you got wood after your divorce,

We can never forget our priorities as writers and artists, to create something bigger than our realities, even for a little bit of time,

But if we work hard enough, and combine that with working smart enough, then we get to bring our fantasies to life,

That's what I truly do for a living, and sometimes it takes more than money to make it,

It takes imagination, and you have to be bigger than just throwing buzz words at a cover artist and tell Zombies Vs Vampires, without a back story, otherwise you are a fuckin poser,

I have to compete with posers in my line of work every day, the ones who have no scars to show for their stories and just stack #1s on their comics to trick you into the collecting their vanilla tripe.

I live in a world where I once got off on getting girls to dress up as Wonder Woman and Psylocke, or get a fitness model to paint herself in Green Body Paint to ride me as She-Hulk,

But it is also time to evolve past that mark, instead of getting a Colombian Stripper to put on the Amazon Gold, I must go about the universe and find the Amazon herself,

To truly be worthy of your money, and to help you put up with those same posers at your job as the ones I deal with on mine, then just as it was said on the final episode of Quantum Leap,

The Leaps must Get Harder,

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and yourself up and into the Faro's Lounge Universe,



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