2/3rds of the way done with the script for Pixi Runner #4, and it's amazing the amount of junk food, joints and jerking off that occurs when want to keep busting through those walls of writer's block,

When I'm working on a comic script I like to have a lot of windows open, most on Marvel and DC Comics of yesteryear and today, where I like to try and study their amount of pacing and number of panels per page,

I also like to try and get some music going on youtube or spotify while I'm working, and the TV is usually on mute, with some cool space footage on the screen,

When you're writing about outer space, it's important to try and feel like you're really outer space, so goes the the joints, junk food and jerking off,

Ahh the future,

One thing I have noticed from comics of old to comics of now is the amount of panels,

You look at the Stan Lee and Conway runs on Spidey and you have masterpieces of story-telling, with a lot of callbacks to keep you up to pace,

And then every now and then, you catch a crappy filler story, where you realize that the A-Team obviously didn't meet their deadline that month,

And then you look a lot of today's comics, where it seems there is more effort put into the cover variants rather than the actual story, which I remember the first time I got that pissed off was during The X-Cutioner's Song back in 91 (JUST TELL FUCKIN CYCLOPS YOUR HIS SON ALREADY!!!!!)

Anyway, I just went through the entire Absolute Carnage Series, including all the side stories, and what a load of bullshit that was,

It was non stop filler, with every single saying the same thing, and just a load of torture porn art dragging along a story,

You see the absolute (pardon the pun) lack of writing skills and imagination the second you open the next book and read the next crossover,

I really hate that Marvel has 1000 different titles now, with none of them ever having any continuity over their obsession with putting out #1s,

I want you to know whenever you buy any copy of a Faro's Lounge book, you're getting a little piece of my soul, and all the scars, successes, failures and felonious fuckups that come with it,

And on that note, check out the update for the Faro's Poker Lounge (Calling it Superhero Strip Poker gets me banned on ebay and Kickstarter :) X-Men 97 lounge, featuring all fantastic four gals from the pilot season -- Rogue, Jubilee, Storm & Jean, ahh yes Jeeeeeannnn.

And since I had the time, I had this old favorite finally colored, Wonder Woman Vs Black Adam, available NOW in the ADD-ON section to any of your precious packages,

Also, Dirty Disney Books going to the printer today, get your orders in now if you haven't,

And Happy fuckin Holidays,




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