Morning friends, updates

Rhode Island is finished, but as usual, a good holiday weekend affects the old shipping and printing lanes, so I will be spending the weekend hiding inside as I fulfill the Rhode Island orders mixed in with the Pixi Runner 5 orders -- just waiting on the final colors for Yakuza Supergirl and that baby is finished,

I have the digital rewards waiting to go, I will be sending them out this coming Tues, as I have to give the rest of the backers time to fill out surveys and settle some errored pledges -- once the deadline passes on Tues, I can start emailing out the digitals, which will be coming from Google Drive,

Poster news, my printing in Arizona told me that if I go down to 11 x 17 posters they can ship much faster, so I'm making a judgement call, anyone who still wants the 12 x 18s let me know asap before I fulfill your order.

Also apparently, UPS drivers are threatening to strike, so to anyone who hasn't received their Missouri packages yet, let me know bc I believe those packages are delayed and I have let the printer know so we can do all of the next orders with USPS before the UPS strike becomes a reality,

As for me, well I am off to Montreal Comic Con next week to continue my push into the French market, and seeing what's going on across the pond, they could use some entertainment right about now.

Crazy shit going on in the world right now, and I'll many of you are like me, just one wayward joint away from slipping on a Batman suit and dragging George Soros old ugly ass into the public Pelosi style and show him the chaos he is causing,

Ahh conspiracy theories galore,

So we have a new Kickstarter going, and I sort of jumped the gun on proclaiming that Margot Robbie is the new Sue Storm, but you know me and speculative art,

Take a gander at the first of our new posters, this is paired up with another Robo Life cycle poster featuring Quorra and Cortana,

Good God, I hope we are getting closer to real live Sex Robots, I want to be the first one to be arrested for breaking his :)-----------------------

Happy Friday my friends,



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