Happy Thursday friends and flutes, I've got the rest of the packages mailed out this week, with just a handful left over as Master Varese is coming up to the Ft Lauderdale hub tmw evening to deliver the rest of the Super Cosplay Books and sign a few books for the personal backer requests, so that should complete the NFL, Colorado and Zeldara 1984 Packages,

I will have the TANGLED DIRTY DISNEY Cover Sketches for you tonight, and I'll be sending out a PDF Preview this weekend for PIXI RUNNER 3 -- which will be next month's Kickstarter.  The PDF will have an 8 page preview of the Line Art from the story, PLUS BOTH the Pixi Runner 3 Cover and the LTD Harley Vs Predator Variant,

Stay Tuned True Believers, 

As for now, you will just have to be satisfied with these lovely sketches straight off the table from Emil Cabaltierra, PSY-LOKI & PSYLOCKE V ALIEN,

I loved them so much that I ordered two more Psylocke Pieces, first up will be PSY-LAIR-MOON, which of course mashes up Betsey with Sailor Moon, and of course since she took out Alien, the next up match for the Sexiest Mutant Champion will be PREDATOR,

Both pieces are up in the Kickstarter,

Happy Hunting,




Psylocke Vs Alien

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