An email from the printer just informed me that the Strip Poker Posters and Maryland Sketchbooks are pressed and produced and on their way towards my little castle in the swamplands, so I look forward to packing and shipping your little treasures, anxiously awaiting your reaction to all the forthcoming stories and art,

So if I may implore upon you yet again, it's time to take a break from The American Safari and get back on board the flagship that began this dance,

Up above you see Page One of the next phase in the Faro Comics Time Travel Saga, and for those of you new to the Faro's Lounge Cinematic Carousel, I look forward to bringing you into the greatest ongoing adventure in the printed media since Ben Franklin faked his name and pranked his brother,

Take another ride into the Faro Universe, and enjoy the latest update to yet another Varese Masterpiece,




Jessica Rabbit Red Sonja Mashup

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