Happy Monday to any and all who control their destinies and those inclined to keep pretending they do,

The sins of my December have left me financially destitute until the next Kickstarter payout, but then the Draftkings Gods smiled upon me, as I finished 8th place in a 30,000 man tourney, taking out enough to cover some nuts and leaving 4 points short of the jackpot,

It's amazing how when we think we are at our bottom, some sort of force of nature, nurture or just pure Luck (and not Andrew Luck, he ate shit, but his garbage time has me eating Filet today instead of Starburst)

I finally understand sports obsession again, its better than the stock market and the only pricks in suits are in the commentary booth :)

For those that jumped in my first streaming broadcast, thanks for hanging out with me on a Sat and I hope I made you laugh, cry and moan as I won and maybe taught you a little something about this here DFS craze,

If you liked it, I hope you'll be there for the next cast, or perhaps start building the bricks of your fantasy life on my new store,


And now on to new business,

Master Varese is finishing up the colors on the Riverdale Cover, and I'm thinking of making next months Faro's Lounge Sketchbook Cover a MARYLAND MASHUP with the dark theme of a MEGA CITY ONE COVER featuring the delightfully lovely combination of JUDGE DREDD & SHE-RA,

That's right SHE-RA, how do they fit, leave it up to me and the Master,

Till then fuckers, join me in Riverdale, we are heading towards 300%



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