Happy Sunday, as another Kickstarter ends, another is about to begin, well as soon as those greedy fuckers at Kickstarter approve us.

Jose is finishing up both the Maryland Dredd She'Ra Cover and the Strip Poker Quarter Finals Colors featuring Sue Storm, Harley & Psylocke,

I sent out all of the Anti-Valentine books that weren't waiting for posters.  If anyone wants me to sub the Strip Poker Magic Round or Asian Round or any other posters, I can ship out their Valentine's Books now as opposed to later with the Maryland Books,

As always, we are as flexible as we are fuckable :)

So carry on about with your day of rest, and for those of you who are like me and never stop working, here's some art inspiration, brought to you by Faro's Lounge, with a little help from a sexy Scarlet Witch & a RED SONJA POWER GIRL MASHUP CALLED GOLDEN SONJA





Scarlet Witch and Adam Warlock

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