The 1st wave of packages just hit the mail trucks, and more envelopes, flash mailers and poly bags are on the way for the second wave to head off to their new homes, yours,

selina kyle catwoman as budd root's cavewoman

Thanks again for all of your support, generosity and patience as we close up one of the best and worst years of my life.

A time to say goodbye to best friends and a time to not only obtain the bricks to build this empire, but to lay them out patiently and precisely so as to not just make a splash in  the industry, but bloody well take over.

Together we can rescue Jose Varese from the convention commission circuit and put him on an exclusive deal to where he only draws for Faro's Lounge and spends his weekends playing with his kids while I count money and chase girls around like those old Benny Hill cartoons,

Till then, click that Kickstarter Link and check out my new X-mas poem, along with the newest cover for this ongoing AMERICAN SAFARI


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