One of my backers passed away unexpectedly last night, I guess it would be even weirder if it was expected.

I never got to meet him, but thanks to technology and a constant need to bitch and complain about the state of pop culture, a friendship was built,

We talked about my two favorite subjects, Blondes & Bulldogs, we talked about the Avengers ruled and the Justice League bombed,

We collaborated on a poster that I'm sure most of you have in your collection (VENOM V FLASH) and he bought the original art,

He owned a bulldog and was about to give me his critique on Endgame when we lost him,

Nature takes things away from us every day, that doesn't mean we have to get used to it,

It's amazing how life can force you to put things into perspective, one minute you're rolling a blunt because you're stressed about whether or not your Kickstarter will make it past the finish line, the next minute you're cursing yourself for being so petty, 

But you're still rolling the same damn blunt,

Because if you thought this was an email about getting you all choked up thinking about someone you never met, 

Then you don't know me all that fuckin well,

I celebrate life through art, what nature takes away art gives back, and you look at each piece and know there is a story behind it, an imagination running wild and having the blessings in your bank account to find the right masters to construct it,

Today Jose Varese is playing with his kids at a BBQ instead of being chained to a table drawing 9 commissions at once,

Today Emil Cabaltierra is boxing up the 14 new commissions he just finished along with the Baroness Original Art and the Cosmic Blondes 11 x 17 Mature Art,

Emil was the designer of the Venom V Flash art and the piece was bought by my collaborator, my backer, my friend,

Johnny Ballard of Arizona, or as I have referred to him in the past,

Sir Jonathan of House Ballard from the Kingdom of the Painted Desert

Once we cross the 10K barrier and officially close out this Kickstarter, IN MEMORY OF JOHNNY B I AM ADDING THE FLASH V VENOM POSTER TO ALL PACKAGES $25 & HIGHER,

This is no stretch goal, just a bit of tribute to a fellow bulldog lover,

I want everyone on this campaign to get that piece, and for a small moment, give a wink and smirk of recognition to man who's imagination made it happen,

Only 11% to go,




Scarlet Witch riding a bloody dragon

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