Happy Sunday my friends, I took down another 2K today on the Draftkings Showdown games, which basically means I won back what I've lost in the last two weeks, 

Still a fun chance to plug my Youtube channel, subscribe for your Faro Fix


Ok on to new business, my man Emil has finally started popping off on his slate of blanks, which I will eventually have to reign him back on to get him going on Pixi Runner #2,

I have a giant stack of packages ready to go out, but I forgot tomorrow is Columbus Day and the USPS is MIA so I'm going to celebrate the right way with an Italian Dinner and a Sopranos Marathon,

So while I get my gravy going why not chow down on the Scooby Dooby Faro Horror Variant Cover starring ALIEN, which just finished being colored last night,

And while you're in the mood to enjoy viewing get a gander at Ahsoka Tano, all sketched up in the Slave Leia Steel Bikini,

Show your hearts and flowers on the new Faro Fall 1867 Kickstarter,




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