Happy Saturday you featured fuckers.  I just sent out a gigantic stack of Anti-Valentines and Mega City Maryland Sketchbooks, Posters and all assorted fairy wings and space dust.  

I look forward to hearing the concentrated rips, tears and screams, as you open your Faro's Lounge packages across the cosmos.

I have about 25-30 packages for each campaign left to send out, and as always the Master Varese is at home chained to his desk, fine tuning his commissions list to get them out to your clutches while Emil and Hique help carry the load and deliver the necessary artistic assault on Westeros,

As for up top, I am thinking adding MOONDRAGON or even MALICE as the third member of what I will be calling the FARO'S LOUNGE STRIP POKER WILD CARD ROUND, featuring RED SHE HULK, VELMA and third mystery member,

I ordered two more HARLEY QUINN COMMISSIONS from Emil, as he will be sending me sketches for 14 new commission from the last two Kickstarters for your viewing pleasure, 

I decided on FROZEN ELSA HARLEY & JOKER OLAF and then ordered a SITH HARLEY with a JOKER PALPATINE, let's see who grabs it before it hits my wall,

Now down below, this is a commission from way back for my man in the Desert Kingdom of Scottsdale, and I do believe he will be flipping this baby in his ebay store, if I don't steal it from him first :)


I need another 38% to kill this bitch and the production team back in the hole,

Until then, stay crispy,





Slave Leia Scooby Doo

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